Our company in 2001 under the name Wholesale Food and Agricultural Products by Halil EKİCİ began operations.
A number of provinces by providing the raw materials; The raw material for canning factory in Bursa, many responded to the need.
Today 'both fresh, always fresh' slagon starting from raw materials with the experience gained in the verbatim taken from the manufacturer's own facility by processing the raw materials you submitted to the beyeni.

The goal of Burkon food; its customers by improving existing facilities compatible with each passing day, without compromising on honesty and mutual trust to carry out a long-term study, a variety of products to meet the demands of customers continually increase and develop quality products that are in line.

Burkon Food accordance with these goals, the professionalism, corporate identity and customer-oriented approach and in the food industry is not ordinary is different targeted by a team in the industry offer different solutions and to offer will continue.

Ambitious, dimamik attacking mindset and constantly update itself with the entrepreneurial spirit emerged from the synthesis of the knowledge; much more robust steps for the future WDS support us to the most important point is that power.

Continuous self-updating, researchers and developers with the structure open to innovation, proactive important decisions with the ability to move quickly in the direction of robust data structure that can receive is the common denominator.

Parallel with the developments in our country and the world needs to follow closely our goals high, keeping it a different way we are looking to alternative markets space.

- We claim the best quality you can find the best prices under the brand Burkon.
- Feeding our own children and we offer you a product that we have not ever going to offer.